Moroccan cuisine is more than just couscous and tagines. From cooked vegetable salads and slow-cooked meats to fresh fruit and pie crusts, traditional Moroccan food is delicious. ‘s mid-range restaurant menus often repeat the same old tagine. So if you want variety, you have to either enjoy street food or dine at one of his ever-growing creative fusion restaurants. Home cooking is also among the best in the country, so dining in a riad (guesthouse) is also a great option. Here are the best things to eat and drink in Morocco.

Take your time and savor Tajine . A typical Moroccan dish is a stew cooked in a conical clay pot that keeps the ingredients very juicy and tender. The most common tagines are chicken with lemon and pickled green olives, lamb or beef with prunes, and kefta (seasoned meatballs made from minced lamb or beef) with eggs in a savory tomato sauce. is.

Try the Moroccan Cuisine Couscous The Moroccan national dish, also known as sex, is traditionally served on Fridays. Some restaurants now offer it daily. Old-fashioned methods take time. Finely ground durum wheat and roll into balls by hand. Add salt water and flour and leave for 5 hours until light and fluffy. Couscous has ceques bedawi, which originated in Casablanca and includes cabbage, carrots, zucchini, onions, potatoes, pumpkin and squash. to couscous.

Vegetarians & Vegans Despite camel roe sausage, sheep’s head soup and other nose-to-tail dining options, Morocco has plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. Souk’s dried he fruits, nuts and olives are solid snacks. You can also eat goat cheese with freshly baked hobbies (bread). When eating and drinking in Morocco, pastries, pancakes, fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juices can fuel your breakfast. Bisala is a delicious bean soup, usually without meat, but stay away from bubbling roadside tanks. May contain snail or sheep’s head soup. For lunch, try the salad mezze served with freshly baked bread. Ranging from tender cucumbers soaked in orange blossom water to a rich herb he beetroot with kaffir lime. Vegetarians may, but not always, be able to order a veggie tagine or seven veggie couscous call if you can. It’s a possible and inexpensive vegetarian option.

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